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Based on open industry standards and interfaces with a wide range of configuration and expansion options, Canon's digital black-and-white product offerings provide an integrated multifunction solution through the utilization of one product.
Canon offers an array of digital multifunction copiers, with speeds ranging from 13 to 23 pages-per-minute, designed to meet every need, application and budget in the workgroup environment.  
Canon's mid-volume multifunction copiers range in speed from 22 to 68 pages-per-minute and are designed to handle the workloads of busy workgroups or departments.  
Ranging in speed from 80 to 105 pages-per-minute, Canon's high-volume digital copiers are equally at home in large corporate workgroups, print-on-demand environments, central reprographic departments, print-for-pay or walk-up environments.  
Canon's Desktop Copiers offer Digital technology providing outstanding quality output for professional results.